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Ab Initio Process provides Singapore process agency services in a wide range of industries in accordance with our clients' needs.

Loan and Credit Agreements

Loan and credit agreements of various kinds, particularly where the borrower is a foreign entity, generally require the appointment of a local independent agent for process.

Various Finance and Business Transactions

Many finance and business transactions such as sale and purchase agreements, merger agreements, import/export agreements, intellectual property licenses, royalty agreements and distribution agreements require the appointment of an independent process agent in order to establish preferred jurisdiction and venue.

Ship / Aviation Finance

Financing agreements dealing with the purchase or lease of a ship, plane, or plane engine and which are governed by Singapore law generally require the appointment of an independent agent for process in Singapore.

Securities Transactions

Securities transactions of various kinds including debt offerings and structured finance often require the appointment of an independent agent for process.

ISDA Master Agreements

The ISDA master agreement is the most commonly used master contract for OTC derivative transactions internationally. Such agreements often call for the appointment of an independent agent for process. 

Media Licensing

Foreign news organisations wishing to distribute their publications in Singapore may be required to appoint a Singapore process agent under the Newspaper and Printing Presses Act.

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